Welcome to our DentalPark

Clinik for regenerative dentistry

Healthy and attractive teeth are important for your sense of well-being. Today everyone has the chance to have healthy teeth. The answer is to be found in our all-embracing DentalPark concept.

For us trust and competence are the basis of successful dental treatment. Each patient is important to us. If a treatment is carried out well the first time it will function perfectly, have a long life and look good too. The team of DentalPark experts is waiting to serve you at the highest possible level. Our dental products are as unique as you are. Be proud of your teeth again. Let your teeth make you look younger again.

Healthy teeth let you enjoy life more; no more pain at mealtimes. A feeling of cercainty leads to a feeling of confidence. We can help you to this certainty with high quality crowns, bridges or dentures. We have the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. We harmonise the denture with the jaw so that the joints remain in equilibrium.

We pay great attention to accuracy of fit, load factor and durability.

We aim always to satisfy you as our patient, so that you may have confidence in our work.

Welcome to our DentalPark

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We work for you with precision and the most modern technology

Periodontology and implantology

Nowadays we can give you artifical tooth-implants, which can pass on the pressure of chewing and keep the bones stable. Unfortunately the bone of the upper jaw is usually so atrophied that it cannot hold the artifical roots in place. In such cases the usual procedure is to take some bone from the patient´s hip-bone and insert it into the sinus. It is now possible to achieve this effect even more easily with a synthetic bone growth-promoter. After a few months enough new bone will have grown to take the artifical roots.

The result is a personal masterpiece.

Leonardo Dental Laboratory

You have high standards – we do too.

Optimal co-operation between you as patient, the dentist and us, master dental technicians enables us to offer a product wich is more than standard.

We never make a tooth without getting to know you personally. We see you as a whole person and construct teeth to harmonise with your appearance in accordance with your wishes and our experience. In order to construct natural-looking teeth we determine together with you the nuances and intensity of colour, brightness and transparency. We see ourselves as artists, who build the tooth up layer by layer as a labour of love and with great attention to detail – just like a painting.

We pay attention to detail to achieve natural beauty.

Relaxation and harmony

Inner tension, nervousness or palpitations are feelings which are understandable before a visit to a dentist. Multi-phase treatments can take time, but we do everything to make your visit to our clinic as pleasant as possible. As well as a pleasant atmosphere we offer injections, general anaesthetics or hypnosis. Come and join us ...

Holistic medicine

Your teeth are very important for your health and vitality. If you have a problem with your teeth, your whole body reflects this. We can measure your body´s signals using Dr. Voll´s techniques of Electro-acupuncture.

Using this method we ascertain which of the materials – gold, pure titanium or zirkonoxyd and ceramic for example – is suitable for you. Allergies and incompatibilities are detected and avoided. You should feel good, the whole of you.


  • Professional dental cleansing
  • Mouthcare teaching
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Oralfluidtest


  • 3D diagnostics and perfect 3D implant planing
  • Implant denture
  • Dental bridge constructions
  • Single tooth implants
  • Bone Transfers
  • Tissue surgery in all regions
  • Implant surgery in difficult cases

Dental engineering

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Implantodontics
  • Electric Gnathology
  • Gnathic design of chewing surfaces
  • Rehabilitative procedures


  • Material testing
  • Focusdiagnosis
  • Holistic medicine
  • Homeopathy

Laser Therapy

  • Pocket decontamination
  • Intra- and extraoral cosmetic surgery

Restaurative dentistry

  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • Gold- and ceramic Inlays
  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatmentof periodontal diseases
  • Endodontology with Microscope
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Tissue engineering
  • Microsurgery